Exterior Home Design Styles

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Exterior Home Design Styles

Here’s your complete guide to finding your house style. So relax and scroll through this post to find your favorite.

Don’t overthink this exercise, let it be fun!!

When your finger naturally stops scrolling, that’s a good indication you’ve found a house that feels like “home.”

When I do this, my brain and body naturally pause at houses that I like.

I’ve found that my brain has literally taken me to that house, and I can see myself living in that home, enjoying that patio, sitting around the pit fire in the summer, and celebrating Christmas around the tree in the winter.

When you have these thoughts, that’s when you know you’ve found a style that resonates with you.

Let’s Look at the styles and see what your brain and scrolling finger think!

Exterior Craftsman Farmhouse

This is a beautiful example of how you can make a house fit multiple styles. This house has touches of Craftsman with the wide porch, thick columns, and brick. But it also pulls inspiration from the highly popular Modern Farmhouse. This is a traditional, yet on-trend house.

Classic Craftsman

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, as an anti-this to the ornate Victorian style, Craftsman homes are easily identified and loved.

They are known for broad front porches with thick, tapered square columns and exposed rafter tails, which are the beams that stick out of the house and can be seen under the eaves.

They often have beautiful wood accents and clean lines. A traditional favorite is a classic.

Modern farmhouse

It’s no secret that I love a Modern Farmhouse! (Yep, I know that’s bad grammar, but that’s how I talk! Haha!!) Obviously, we love this style because that’s what we built!

Will my next build be a Modern Farmhouse? I love my new house, but I’m a girl that loves many styles. So until then, I’ll keep ya guessing what I’d choose next.

The Modern Farmhouse has become very popular across the States. It exhibits sleek lines, strong gables (or A-shaped roofs), covered porches, and my favorite feature…lots of windows!!

Most Modern Farmhouses are white, but lately, the dramatic dark farmhouse has been developing in popularity. I truly love white farmhouses, but we live on a working farm with LOTS of livestock, which equals LOTS of flies. Guess where flies love to leave their poop? You guessed it!! White exteriors!! So there was no question when it came to choosing a white or dark exterior.

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Exterior Traditional farmhouse

The Farmhouse takes traits from the Scandinavian and German pioneers that built them. It’s practical and the most important feature, it must be built to last! And last they do! We farm in Iowa and our countryside is covered in 100+-year-old farmhouses. They stand the test of time.

This 1875 Traditional Farmhouse is a beautiful example of what farmhouses really were 100 yrs ago. It’s timeless and whether you’re updating a century-year-old house or building new, going with a classic farmhouse style is never a wrong choice!

Exterior Farmhouse ranch

Ranch houses can be modified to fit many styles. So if you like the floor plan of a traditional ranch, but want to add a flare of the farmhouse, go ahead and do it!

This great example of a farmhouse ranch added the A-shaped roofline, vertical board and batten siding, barn lights and barn garage doors to up the farmhouse feel.

Ranch – traditional

A traditional ranch home is a one-floor home, often with a walkout basement.

This home is a perfect example that ranch styles don’t have to be boring or small. From the street, this house exhibits many attractive exterior features.

What’s equally impressive is that this house has over 5000 square feet of finished living space! So don’t dismiss a traditional ranch-style house, they have many options to fit your needs.


Tudor houses were once very popular. It became the second most popular layout within the first half of the 20 century! Then a World War, the need to build homes fast and a converting flavor in fashion almost halted the construction of Tudors.

But supply this style with the 2nd appearance! There are many reasons why building a Tudor makes me feel.

Exterior Home Design Styles

Exterior Home Design Styles

They paintings properly for small and massive rectangular pictures homes and with an asymmetrical layout it lets in for so many versions in ground plans. When constructed right, they’re extremely robust and lengthy-lasting houses. Steep roofs lead them to the ideal within the northern united states of America climate (umm yep, northern Iowa girl right here!).

Finally, they simply have a completely unique appearance. So if you want your own home to appearance exceptional out of your associates, a custom-designed Tudor can be for you.

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Colonial homes are a reminder of our us of a’s history. They have been first built via settlers, and no two colonials were precisely alike. Why? Because settlers built their New World homes that were reminiscent of their Old World. Makes experience proper?

So Colonial houses could have many specific capabilities, but simple traits encompass a rectangular frame, steep roofs, big chimneys, stately entries, and double-hung windows positioned symmetrically approximately the house.

Colonial homes exude a stately and right feel full of history. A very influential fashion for positive!

Exterior Cape cod

Cape Cods originated inside the 1600s alongside the Massachusetts coastline.

Originally designed to withstand the coastal climate, they’re strong field fashioned homes with dormers as their most important outdoors characteristic.

However, as we’ve already seen with other houses, you can regulate a Cape Cod residence to include your favorite functions as nicely.


Cottage homes beckon a secure feeling. They often have arched doorways, protected porches, old-fashioned home windows, and a white wood fence to encapsulate the appeal.

Cottage homes tend to be at the smaller aspect, to feature the relaxed feel. But in case you love a cottage sense and want a greater area, do it. Make it your personal and love the captivating space you name home.

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