Unique & Colourful Interiors For Creative Home Owners

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Unique & Colourful Interiors For Creative Home Owners, there is also a time for colour, personality and the unexpected. Today, we’re taking a look at three wonderfully unique & colourful home interiors that communicate quirky creativity and fabulous fun. Our first featured home interior is a vibrant purple-based Ibizan pad with futuristic curves and fashionable terrazzo decor elements. We move next to Russia, where a riveting interior decor scheme incorporates the rainbow into a small studio layout. Finally, we climb to new heights of colour incorporation in a home with a bespoke red spiral staircase and a green courtyard, and a host of modern furniture to match.

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Located in Ibiza, Spain, this unique and colourful home design measures 300 square metres. Inspired by the extraterrestrial landscapes of Lanzarote combined with the naturally bright colours of Ibiza, a light futuristic interior was created. Lilac walls, a purple sofa and a matching ottoman give the space an energised base colour, whilst glossy blue accents and bold terrazzo pattern enrich the scheme.

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Wood was omitted from the project to preserve nature. Instead, glossy perspex and metallics form the accents. A small side table threads a chrome accent through the sectional sofa arrangement, where it reflects the purple upholstery.

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Large windows and edge-to-edge doors connect the interior with the beauty of the island. The concept for this home design is considered a future where man and nature coexist harmoniously. The result is a dwelling that feels like it could be located on another planet.

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Bespoke furniture was designed to emphasize the futurism of the interior, much of it in colourful terrazzo.

Unique & Colourful Interiors For Creative Home Owners

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Mint green upholstered dining chairs draw colour inspiration from the green chips in the terrazzo. A circular window cuts open a view of the terrace, where a perforated canopy filters the sunshine.

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Two orb pendant lights complement the round window and the smooth contours of the terrazzo dining table.

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Terrazzo pattern colours a row of rounded kitchen units at the back of the living room. A ribbed kitchen island holds a contrasting clean white finish and an eye-catching purple countertop.

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Ribbed purple panelling provides a textured backdrop for the arched kitchen cabinets. See more inspiration for using arches in interiors.

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A colour coordinated purple sink and kitchen faucet meld with the bright worktop.

Unique & Colourful Interiors For Creative Home Owners

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In the purple hallway, an arid courtyard basks in the sunlight that spills through a round skylight above it.

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The double sink bathroom vanity setup is framed by elegant terrazzo and mirrored arches. Bespoke terrazzo and blue glass pedestal sinks are accessorised with unique purple freestanding faucets.

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Terrazzo tile fills the shower area, behind a blue-tinted glass shower screen.

13 |
A manmade cactus stands by to catch discarded clothes or fresh towels.

14 |
Purple panelling covers a bathroom feature wall and disguises the door.

15 |
This 52.02 square metre studio apartment is located in Korolev, Russia.

16 |
A rainbow of accent colours works to zone different areas around the small home. A pink kitchen island floats all alone at the centre of the space, whilst a purple gradient frames the kitchen tower units.

17 |
The tufted sofa sets down an earthy beige moment amidst the myriad coloured accent pieces.

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The bedroom area of the studio apartment is revealed from behind a sliding bright orange screen. The interior of the bedroom is a desaturated decor scheme of only grey and white. The purple kitchen cabinets continue down the hallway of the home, where they create a bright first impression by the entry door. Textured area rugs layer cosy colour across the lounge floor.

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A console table reflects both the pink colourway and the curves of the kitchen island at the back of the room. Colourful decorative vases adorn the top of the floating console unit, along with a collection of design books and interesting art prints.

Unique & Colourful Interiors For Creative Home Owners

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A modern home office desk stands on sapphire blue legs by the window.

21 |
Mirror and hammered steel panels reflect the colours of the room and reflect natural light deep into the space.

22 |
The plain white dining room pendant light threads across a cool concrete ceiling, which serves to counterbalance the multicoloured furniture. Indoor plants grow a blast of greenery around the dining area and across the metal covered window sill.

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Black and white quartz streaks across the pink kitchen island.

24 |
A black kitchen tap darkly accentuates the black vein.

25 |
Atmospheric light glows in the home entryway.

26 |
A perspex shelf lightly underlines a freeform decorative wall mirror with a slick of light iridescence.

27 |
Vivid artwork brings the home to life.

Unique & Colourful Interiors For Creative Home Owners

28 |
Our final unique home interior features a bespoke staircase design born from the client’s wish for stairs with light visuality and the designer’s vision of a core sculptural piece for the house.

29 |
The staircase design shapes a modular wave of red treads above a small green courtyard.

30 |
The spiral staircase and complementary stepped courtyard design inspire an interior of contrasting red and green furniture and decor.

31 |
The contemporary-parametric spiral winds up through different levels of the house, driving the bright red accent colour with it.

32 |
The bold colour story gives the home a unique identity.

33 |
Red and green artwork echo the colour and profile of the Harmonic Stairs.

34 |
Clean white walls and light wood tone give the brighter elements space to breathe and command.

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