Compact And Functional Homes Under 45 Sqm

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Compact And Functional Homes Under 45 Sqm. Each measuring just under 45 square metres, these two exceptional small abodes feature glass wall bedrooms that expand the feeling of space and light to counteract tight dimensions. Chic modern decor presents cohesive colour palettes that instil a sense of peace and order. Each apartment design also manages to squeeze in a dedicated laundry area within a small bathroom, leaving no modern amenity left unfulfilled. We’ve included the floor plans at the end of each tour to give you more small space inspiration.

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Measuring 42 square metres, this apartment interior was designed for a young couple of IT specialists.

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A small sofa furnishes the living room dining room combo. Its dark grey upholstery complements the adjacent grey kitchen backsplash. The two modern dining chairs carry a green aesthetic to tie in with the kitchen cabinets.

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Fluted glass doors screen off the bedroom whilst allowing the natural light to be shared between the two spaces.

4 |
Along the window wall, the radiator has been decoratively boxed in with built-in bookcases flanking either side. The wide window sill makes an ideal home for indoor plants.

5 |
Slatted panels finish the sides of the kitchen units, which creates a smart transitional space around the home entryway.

Compact And Functional Homes Under 45 Sqm

6 |
A grey sideboard provides a valuable volume of storage beneath the TV.

7 |
The L-shaped kitchen installation extends up to the ceiling to take advantage of the room’s vertical wall space. Glass fronted kitchen cabinets maintain an open aesthetic around the ceiling line, which prevents the small room from feeling closed in.

Compact And Functional Homes Under 45 Sqm

8 |
The backsplash tiles have an interesting three-dimensional design that catches the light and creates a perception of added depth.

9 |
A wood countertop and upstand cut a light interval between the dark grey and green kitchen elements. White crockery contributes additional moments of light relief.

10 |
A grey entryway seat lightens up the black vestibule, where another glass doorway leads into a walk-in closet.

11 |
Garments are organised into a neat closet system of tower shelving units, rails and glass-fronted drawers.

12 |
A plush dusky pink vanity stool complements the muted red wall colour.

13 |
A small wall light pierces the black slatted feature wall by the front door, creating a welcoming glow.

14 |
Just inside the bedroom, a modern home office desk commands the corner of the room. A pegboard organises office supplies and paperwork.

15 |
A swing arm wall lamp brightly lights the work area.

16 |
Multiple matching bedroom pendant lights illuminate a storage unit next to the desk and two bedside tables.

17 |
Grey bed covers contrast with an emerald green channel-tufted headboard. Glossy black, matt green and smooth wood-tone stripes shape a stylish statement wall behind the bed.

18 |
More indoor plants find a home on a bespoke radiator cover and bookcase combo.

19 |
Neat black wall lights provide focussed reading light by the pillows.

20 |
3D pattern carves a stunning vanity wall in the bathroom. Vintage style bathroom vanity lights hang a hint of glamour around the frame of the wall mirror.

Compact And Functional Homes Under 45 Sqm

21 |
A black basin and matching faucet become lost against the midnight backsplash.

22 |
Wooden bathroom units conceal a utility area with a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer, plus laundry essentials.

23 |
Apartment floor plan.

24 |
Measuring 43.5 square metres, our second small home is located on Svyato-Pokrovskaya street in Kyiv, Ukraine. A small, minimalist sofa gains more presence beneath a 2-Arm Rotating Sconce designed by Serge Mouille.

25 |
The small sofa is a double-sided design that also serves as a dining banquette for the extendable dining table.

Compact And Functional Homes Under 45 Sqm

26 |
The dual-arm wall light illuminates both the lounge and the dining spot.

27 |
A deeply cushioned Papasan chair rests in the entryway to the covered balcony, creating a cosy reading nook.

28 |
Around the corner, the rest of the covered balcony space is utilised as a modern home office.

29 |
The clean cream, grey, tan and wood-tone decor scheme creates a restful atmosphere inside of the narrow living space.

30 |
The stylish grey dining chairs are the Beetle chair designed by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi for Gubi.

31 |
Gold vein streaks through a luxe marble kitchen backsplash. A matching gold tap fills the white Corian sink. Double-banked wall cabinets increase storage.

32 |
The greige finish of the kitchen cabinets is continued along the hallway of the home to create one sleek and uninterrupted volume.

33 |
A built-in entryway seat slots into a sleek run of hallway closets.

34 |
Fitted furniture maximises storage space inside of the glass wall bedroom and gives the compact space an orderly, restful look.

35 |
Privacy curtains draw closed across the glass.

36 |
The upholstered bed and vanity stool are perfectly colour matched to the bed surround and vanity table to achieve a smooth and uncluttered aesthetic.

37 |
In the bathroom, one style of large format tiles clad the bathtub, floor and every wall to minimise visual fuss.

38 |
Decorative vases provide simple adornment to a rustic wood bathroom vanity.

39 |
Wooden cabinetry conceals a washer-dryer and laundry supplies.

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