Simplified Luxury Home Design With A Focus On Self-Care

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Simplified Luxury Home Design With A Focus On Self-Care. This tranquil home design puts focus on self-care with a home sauna, steam room, and several spa-like bathroom interiors. The impressive yet understated interior also features an airy and light-filled double-height living room with expansive views over the cityscape and sky. The lofty living room forms a wide connective column that unites the glass-sided upper volumes of the dwelling, creating the ultimate open-plan living experience. A coordinated colour and material palette of soothing neutrals, marble veins, and modern slatted texture form calming cohesiveness.

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A cascade of orb pendant lights rain down from the lofty ceiling of the double-height living room. Even when switched off, the glass globes magically catch the sunlight from stacked windows that blow open the side of the home to the impressive panorama.

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At the centre of the room, an understated glass coffee table echoes the black framed window aesthetic.

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A grey modular sofa pulls around the edge of the lounge, looking in toward a stylishly slatted TV wall. Perimeter lighting accentuates the textured wall panels. A modern fireplace flickers gently along the top of a sleek floating media unit.

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The opposite side of the modular sofa arrangement is directed toward the fabulous city view, creating a second and very different lounging experience that is more meditative for reflection or reading.

Simplified Luxury Home Design With A Focus On Self-Care

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The airy double-height lounge area flows directly into the kitchen diner, which is tucked cosily underneath the upper level of the home.

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A modern kitchen island is situated to take advantage of the view. Repositionable track lights illuminate the prep area and dining countertop.

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A marble kitchen backsplash rises around double banked wall units. Integrated appliances recess into a wall of dark slatted texture.

Simplified Luxury Home Design With A Focus On Self-Care

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Inside the modern home office, the desk is directed away from the wall. Facing the desk toward the door creates good Feng Shui, and establishes a commanding presence.

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The L-shaped desk features plentiful storage in its base to avoid visual office clutter. A backlit bookcase offers a place to display a curated collection of decorative items.

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The floating media unit in the living room melds into a minimalistic cantilevered staircase design. LED stair lights illuminate the treads, whilst a large orb lamp emits an atmospheric glow underneath.

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Upstairs, a glass sauna room offers a welcoming spot for self-care at home.

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There is also a home photographic/video production studio, equipped with a white screen, box light and a full-length mirror. Linear wall lights are spaced all around the perimeter of the round room, distributing even illumination.

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A plush lounge chair sets down the focal point.

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A small lounge area is set up next to the sauna room. A piece of textural wall art makes a statement behind the modern tufted sofa, whilst a square coffee table and ottoman fills out the remaining floor area.

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The sauna area leads straight into a luxurious bathroom.

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A narrow privacy wall screens the toilet from the bathtub and the rest of the open-concept space.

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LED strip lights brighten the shaded corner.

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The bathtub has a view out over the open plan living room below, and to the skyscape beyond the double-height windows.

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Inside the luxury bedroom, eye-catching bedroom pendant lights bring a metallic accent into the dark walnut and black decor theme.

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An Eames style lounge chair and a floor reading lamp make up a comfortable reading area in the window.

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A glass wall makes a clear connection with the ensuite shower room.

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A black ceiling gives the shower area an intimate feel despite its open sides.

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The toilet cistern concealment wall features beautifully illuminated inset marble panels.

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A basin unit is lit around the base to match the glow of the bathroom feature wall.

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The glass wall ensuite gives added depth to the bedroom.

Simplified Luxury Home Design With A Focus On Self-Care

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The second beautiful bedroom is decorated with a dramatic rock feature wall behind a towering headboard design.

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A grey bedroom rug creates grey layers with a low bed base and grey bed covers.

Simplified Luxury Home Design With A Focus On Self-Care

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Grey window drapes gather in the corner of the room, creating a cosy backdrop for the bedroom reading nook.

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Another textural feature wall adds character to the third bedroom.

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On one side of the upholstered bed, a group of unique pendant lights bring a lustrous brass accent. A simple wall lamp adds reading light to the other side.

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Floating bedside units affix to the textured art wall.

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A homework space/dressing table fits into the bedroom alcove.

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A modern wall sconce brightens the walkway.

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Another vanity table resides inside of a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, alongside a beautifully custom fitted system of shelving, garment rails, and floating drawer units.

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Inside the laundry room, a washing machine and tumble dryer stack tall to save space. Vertical shelving units flank either side, storing laundry supplies and household cleaning items.

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Tiny LEDs sparkle like starlight over the vaulted ceiling of a dreamy steam room.

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All of the bathrooms in the home are equally spa-like, clad in smooth marble, atmospherically lit and custom-fitted.

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The repeated combination of materials and colours throughout each room creates a cohesive calm.

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Despite the repetition in materials, each space has its unique twist.

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