Two Exquisite Art Deco Inspired Interiors

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Two Exquisite Art Deco Inspired Interiors. Popular design motifs of the 1920s and ’30s come together with more modern elements to create living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms that thrum with prosperous energy and glamour. Sleek geometric and stylized forms lay bold lines alongside chic marble inlay work floors, striking decorative screens and panel walls, eye-catching modern lighting installations, and high-end home accessories. The sophisticated gold and brass accents steal the show in home number one, whilst jewel tones enrich the high-contrast black and white backdrop of our second home interior to create a captivating character.

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We embark upon our first home interior tour in Saudi Arabia, where a luxury villa is shaped by art deco inspired furniture and low relief decorative panels. An enormous modern chandelier sends a golden flock flying above the entire lounge area. The golden accent is showered through the floor plan, adding lustrous glamour to the decor scheme.

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An art deco style side table sets an uplifting brass accent between grey and antique rose upholstered sofas.

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A sleek brass and wood geometric sofa table continue the art deco styling. Decorative candles are displayed within the fluted glass – a popular texture choice in the 1920s and ‘30s.

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A second lounge design is given a more linear look with boxy grey sofas and lounge chairs and an entire wall of neatly aligned bookshelves that are cleanly recessed within the walls.

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Unique end tables add curves to the lounge furniture arrangement, as well as some warm flashes of brass to complement the elegant brass sofa trims.

Two Exquisite Art Deco Inspired Interiors

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Brass side tables nestle in every nook around the lounge layout. The plethora of small side tables leaves no seat unserved with the convenience of setting down a drink, and no corner without a rich display of exquisite decor accessories.

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Black and white marble elements build luxe at every turn.

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A snug area has been fashioned with elegant tan leather furniture and prominent black and white photographic art.

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A leather swivel chair is set by the window to take advantage of the natural light there when reading.

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In the luxurious dining room, an enormous dining table seats twenty dinner guests under the illumination of a spectacular chandelier.

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The sculptural dining room chandelier drops metallic accents over the elliptical table, whilst two pairs of table lamps illuminate a low relief decorative panel across a golden feature wall.

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The gold focal wall features art deco motifs that build interest and intrigue.

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A tall glass vase of tropical Botanics and clusters of candlesticks form a loose yet elegant centrepiece.

Two Exquisite Art Deco Inspired Interiors

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Moving on into the master bedroom, a panelled wallcovering smartly lines the walls. The plush bedroom rug threads sapphire blue accents through the grey and white base palette. Wooden furniture pieces add a warming element to the scheme.

15 |
Wood slats back the home office area, creating a bold moment of on-trend texture.

16 |
The en vogue arch motif melds into the geometric lines of art deco-inspired decor and appears here in the bedroom design as a fashionable bedside table lamp.

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Blue accents make another appearance inside bedroom number two, where they colour the carpet and matching throw pillows.

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A shapely lounge chair is set at either side of the window, along with a small side table and bedroom pendant lights to create two separate reading spots.

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A unique wall light is set above a beautiful bedside unit with brass art deco adornment.

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The luxury art deco bathroom design is out of this world. Brass flutes richly trim the double sink bathroom vanity area behind a fabulous bathroom chandelier. The WC waits behind an art deco door handle, and fluted glass panels roll a light-reflective pattern.

21 |
Brass faucets introduce a contemporary silhouette to bring the bathroom bang up to date.

22 |Designer: Yulia BaydykPhotographer: Andrey Avdeenko
A large area rug carries a geometric pattern across the large living room of our second art deco inspired home interior. Metalwork art deco screens install a decorative room divider.

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A teal sofa establishes deep colour inside the lounge. An art deco coffee table adds a shiny brass flourish.

24 |
Black and white marble inlay work create a captivating floor design that runs from the front entryway of the home into the kitchen.

25 |
Panel moulding builds a chic backdrop across the TV wall.

26 |
Teal lounge chairs strike an art deco form.

Two Exquisite Art Deco Inspired Interiors

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Built-in storage units thread an art deco inspired fluted texture through the front entryway.

28 |
A freeform decorative wall mirror adds a modern touch over an understated black console table.

29 |
Exquisite art deco detail patterns the end of the hallway toward the bedrooms.

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An opening in the partition wall between the lounge and dining room creates open plan appeal whilst building clear zoning between the two.

31 |
A huge wall mirror increases the natural light in the dining room and reflects the elegant dining set and brass chandelier.

32 |
The dining room flows directly into a luxury kitchen that’s styled with striking black and gold cabinets.

33 |
Whilst fawn coloured dining chairs keep the dining room scheme neutral, emerald green bar stools add vibrant colour to the kitchen.

34 |
The combination of black gloss cabinetry, golden trims and emerald furniture upholstery makes the kitchen island into a dramatic showstopper.

Two Exquisite Art Deco Inspired Interiors

35 |
The remarkable floor finish adds to the fabulous effect.

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Behind the kitchen island, gold trims draw an art deco motif across black gloss wall cabinets.

37 |
A gold and marble console table draw focus at the end of the dining room, where it brings attention to a piece of colourful wall art.

38 |
The light from large windows dances across the high-shine marble floor.

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Inside the pink bedroom, a pair of art deco wall sconces flank the upholstered bed and a moment of beautiful boiserie detail.

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A classic black and white combo shape a sharp bathroom design.

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