Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes

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Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes. Inside of these two intriguing interiors, we’ll discover a whole host of curiosities and artisan pieces that meld with modern furniture designs and decor elements. Our first featured interior is an ethnic eclectic style home with colorful vintage finds. Indian artwork meets contemporary lounge and dining furniture in a rich red, green, and mustard color scheme, alongside trendy slatted wood elements.

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Measuring 83 square meters in Kyiv, Ukraine this ethnic eclectic style home is characterized by stunning vintage Indian artwork.

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An emerald green wingback chair evokes a regal feel inside the lounge area. A matching green accent cushion creates a color connection between the chair and a tan modern sofa. A vintage-style table fits neatly into the space between.

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A fabulous beaded chandelier makes a highly decorative addition to the space. A piece of traditional Indian artwork brings in gloriously bright colors.

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Wood slatted doors pull across a dining room storage area, leaving a sliver of exposed shelving for books and sculpture.

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A decorative vase places a splash of green onto the dining table.

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The dark green notes reappear in the kitchen, where a bright red SMEG fridge creates a bold contrast.

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A cluster of kitchen pendant lights introduces clean white accessorisation into the colorful kitchen design.

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In the hallway, a huge round mirror reflects a bespoke upholstered entryway seat on the opposite side. An interesting paint effect brushes the green accent behind a modern entryway table and quirky art print.

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The covered balcony serves as a reading nook. Modern wall sconces place a copper accent against a wood-slatted wall panel. An assortment of throw pillows adds a relaxed eclectic aesthetic.

Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes

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In the master, umber clay walls create depth and texture. Metallic drop bedroom pendant lights add a glamorous aspect to the ethnic eclectic vibes.

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Each pendant light hangs low over a bedside table with a matching metallic vase.

Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes

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Golden upholstery matches a nailhead trimmed chair with a gold-framed dressing table. An ornate vanity mirror elevates the elegant ensemble.

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Sheer curtains filter the sunlight at large bedroom windows.

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Traditional Indian artwork complements a colorful, vintage chest of drawers.

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In the study, an ethnic rug ties in with ethnic print scatter cushions on the bronze-colored sofa.

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A green window seat bridges the width of the room towards the desk, where a coordinating green column of storage balances out the other side of the workspace.

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A hammered copper bathroom sink creates a bright, textural moment in a dark green accented decor scheme.

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Patterned tiles put up a vintage vibe around the vanity.

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The detailed, floating vanity unit straddles modern and vintage aesthetics.

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Backlit bathroom shelves fashion a glowing, spa-like essence.

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This 150 square meter interior is ‘Apartment 13’, a new concept store and café in the historic center of Kyiv, Ukraine. Two brown leather chairs arrange a conversational setup upon a large area rug with vintage vibes.

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A crystal chandelier contributes old-style glamour to the room, and beautifully reflects natural light from the high clerestory windows around the perimeter of the store.

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Tree trunk slice rustic coffee tables are gathered in an effective trio at the center of the sitting space.

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A yellow accent cushion throws a bright modern accent onto one of the stylish lounge chairs.

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A decorative vintage tray adorns the largest of the three rustic coffee tables with gold and luxe marble accents.

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An antique Indian door displays a beautiful patina.

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The interior of this store/cafe is a melt of vintage finds, bohemian twists, characterful furnishings, and a hint of the industrial.

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The space was stripped right down to its structural core to open up the generous ceiling height and expose the raw beauty of the place.

Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes

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Sandstone walls, concrete floors, and a black-painted ceiling create a subdued base for the more eye-catching eclectic elements, and for the stock of designer clothes, accessories, perfumes, and books that the intriguing shop has for sale.

Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes

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A handsome vintage wood console table establishes a message of long-lasting quality in the shop.

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A cream lounge chair brings in a modern silhouette, underneath a thriving Monstera plant.

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An oxidized metal screen sections of the stairwell.

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Aged brass and reclaimed wood add texture to the interior.

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Terrazzo flooring zones the café area, whilst concrete indicates the store.

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An antique rug is used as an atmospheric wall hanging.

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The eclectic curation of decorative elements, interesting art, antique furniture, and vintage pieces communicate the property owner’s love of travel and multicultural treasures.

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Jewelry is displayed like artifacts within antique drawers.

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Modern jewelry holders populate the top of the unit.

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A beautiful, traditional mural adorns the head of the staircase.

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Frameless glass balustrades add a contradictory modern aesthetic.

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