Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor

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Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor. Hard, dazzling marble surfaces make sleek interruptions of cascading grey grain under focussed LED ribbons. Lustrous metals appear almost liquid in atmospheric light. High-end modern furniture introduces a round shape accent into the chic layout, to smooth and soothe the elegant aesthetic. We’ll also see the polished stone shape a spectacular dining island, special door thresholds, and finely finished shelving units.

1 |
A unique modular sofa design establishes a round motif at the centre of the spacious luxury living room.

2 |
Club chairs carry the rounded shape into a second sitting area behind the modern couch. Small side tables stand shining metallic accents between the two chairs.

3 |
The chairs and side tables make up a reading spot that faces onto unique wall shelves, backed in stunning white marble.

4 |
A round coffee table adds a subtle metallic accent to the centre of the TV lounge.

5 |
White marble brings a dramatic cascade of the dark grey vein to the tv wall decor. Vertical cutaways in the polished stone leak bright white LED light.

6 |
Unique decorative vases adorn razor-thin metal shelves by the TV.

7 |
The narrow shelving column creates an attractive transition piece as we round the corner into the neighbouring kitchen diner. A wide marble threshold adds a luxurious touch to the interior doorway.

Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor

8 |
Champagne PVD coated stainless steel creates a shimmering hearth and extraordinary door reveals.

9 |
Across the threshold, we enter into a square space that has been divided quite equally between the kitchen prep area and an elegant dining spot.

10 |
Tactile ribs texture the base block, whilst a deep marble countertop seems to defy its weight by floating inches above.

11 |
Here, the stone extends up into a luxurious backsplash, and down into the unique kitchen sink.

12 |
Out in the hallway that leads around to the bedrooms, marble shelves enrich a chic champagne bookcase and storage unit.

13 |
Vertical ribbons of white light replicate the living room’s TV wall bright aesthetic.

Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor

14 |
The square home entryway stands fully open to the lounge. A panel of marble makes a beautiful backdrop for an upholstered entryway bench.

15 |
A small side table awaits the drop of keys and phones.

16 |
A full-length backlit mirror illuminates the luxury entryway.

17 |
Perimeter lights define crisp edges and clean walls.

18 |
Marble thresholds and deep metallic reveals replace traditional solid doors throughout the common area.

19 |
Inside the pristine master bedroom design, a white upholstered bed gains grandeur from a towering channel-tufted headboard.

20 |
A plush area rug layers soft relief over wood flooring around the bed.

21 |
Each round bedside table is luxuriously topped with white marble.

22 |
The marble tabletops smoothly reflect the glow from the bedside pendants and LED backlighting behind the impressive headboard wall.

23 |
A white upholstered end of the bed bench perfectly complements the channel-tufted bed base.

24 |
White bedroom chairs and a small side table form a comfortable coffee area/reading nook by the window.

25 |
Champagne lustre adds a seductive hint of colour to the tray top table.

26 |
The champagne hint hits again on the curvaceous legs of twin bedroom console tables.

27 |
Decorative door handles put the metallic accent at the centre of attention on imposing double doors.

28 |
The magnificent doors give entry to a large walk-in wardrobe/dressing room.

29 |
Glass-fronted cabinets expose a spotless white closet interior with white floating drawer units and organised shelves.

30 |
A closet island displays a collection of fashion accessories through its glass top.

31 |
A modern vanity table and matching white vanity stool are arranged by the window to benefit from the natural light.

32 |
High contrast black vein crackles across a unique white marble double sink bathroom vanity.

33 |
Vertical grooves ripple across the marble bathroom backsplash and a steel-framed shower screen.

34 |
Another magnificent marble combo creates a two-tone backdrop behind the modern freestanding bathtub.

35 |
A second steel-framed glass door isolates the WC from the main bathroom.

Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor

36 |
Recessed shelving nooks bring the fabulous black and white marble accent into the shower space design…

37 |
… And similarly inside the WC.

38 |
A home office lies just off the living room, separated by sliding glass doors to let in natural light.

39 |
Ribbed glass subtly obscures the home workspace from the lounge, to maintain a boundary between relaxation and obligation.

40 |
The home office decor palette melds lightly with the attached living room to create an easy flow, with only the dark accent wall behind the desk providing distinction.

Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor

41 |
A modern desk floats lightly above a base unit of drawers, before merging cleanly with white wall panelling.

42 |
A linear suspension light illuminates the whole work area and a stylish swivel chair, whilst a bespoke bookcase design is backlit behind the base storage unit.

43 |
Inside the walk-in wardrobe, a frameless mirror creates the illusion of a much longer row of garment rails and drawers.

44 |
A handsome black closet system utilises the full width and vertical height of the room.

45 |
LED ribbons cut sharply through the moody black interior.

46 |
The understated backdrop allows the exceptional piece to rightfully dominate.

47 |
A black toilet is tucked around the corner, where it contrasts against a plain white cistern concealment chamber.

48 |
Recessed LED strips brighten the narrow toilet nook.

49 |
A kid’s room has been warmed slightly with delicate hints of blush pink and beige around the bed set and a unique tufted headboard.

50 |
The upholstered bed base itself is a white, cosily textured design, which is complemented by a wonderful freeform rug.

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