Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details

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Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details. The 410 square meter property is located in a quiet suburban neighborhood in the densely populated Kanto region. The homeowners acquired this tiered and irregularly shaped lot with meaningful family time in mind. The owners wished to incorporate courtyards as a part of their home life together, and so the design began to take shape within the challenging topography. The distinctive outdoor environment expands the living space in complete privacy. The home interior carries a contemporary ranch-style aesthetic which fashions a comfortable lounge and dining room combo, and a closed, glass wall kitchen.

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Two colossal, concrete volumes make up the brutalist house exterior. Atmospheric lighting glows along the edge of a wide driveway, mysteriously guiding the way toward the parking garage and entrance.

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The driveway leads into a covered four-car parking garage, situated underneath the main mass of the board-formed concrete house. With the property elevated from the road, the main living space is accessed via an elevator or stairs from the secure parking area.

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Inside the concrete living room, wood paneling warms up the coffered ceiling, adding a contemporary ranch-style aesthetic to the space.

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Leather bolster cushions take the brown accent onto a modern L-shaped sectional sofa design.

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A small sitting area is situated separately from the main lounge, and a formal dining room is arranged in the back of the open plan.

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A small courtyard sits between the lounge and dining room combo and the separate kitchen, creating a blissful connection with the outdoors.

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A large garden terrace is attached to the lounge on the south side.

Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details

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The unique chess set between the designer lounge chairs is the

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The centrally situated courtyard brings a flood of sunlight into the rear of the large room and gives the dining area a beautiful, green, natural view.

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The rectangle dining table reflects the influx of natural sunlight, maximizing its effect.

Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details

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Modern cabinets run the full length of the room, starting as a media cabinet in the lounge area and ending as a buffet in the dining zone.

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Elegant candlesticks and a modern fruit bowl make a chic dining table centerpiece.

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After dark, the interior comes alive under a warm and atmospheric lighting scheme.

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LED ribbons are set around the perimeter of the room, causing a glow at floor level that continues out into the walled garden in one seamless sweep.

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Another strip of LEDs marks the top of the bespoke cabinets that connect the two living spaces.

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The glow creates the coziness of a fireplace without the flame.

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Modern artwork and the impressive coffered ceiling are dramatically highlighted by the mood lighting arrangement.

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Glass double doors connect the closed-off kitchen to the lounge and dining room combo. The second set of glass doors lead into a hallway.

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The small courtyard affords the kitchen an outdoor view.

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Inside the kitchen, a well-proportioned island includes a dining bar as an alternative to the more formal dining room.

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Golden kitchen lighting continues the atmospheric vibes from the dining room and lounge space.

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Grey gloss cabinets contrast darkly with clean white countertops.

23 |
A glass modern fruit bowl presents an opportunity to add a pop of color into the monochrome kitchen decor scheme.

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A glass table lamp complements the chic glass bowl and leaves the courtyard window unobstructed.

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Out in the large, south-facing garden, high walls allow the residents to enjoy their distinctive outdoor environment in complete privacy from the neighbors.

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The board-formed concrete walls create a textural consistency around each of the outdoor spaces, which is picked up gently in the ambient light.

Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details

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Uplighters make outdoor plants into stunning focal points across the tiled terrace.

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A modern metal staircase design climbs from the parking garage to the living space beneath a long skylight. Access to the elevator is located just beyond the treads.

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The large garden terrace connects the living room with the master bedroom and bathroom.

Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details

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A home workspace is built-in at the end of a long run of built-in units. Their glossy black finish mirrors the lighting, the furniture, and the art.

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A second home workspace features a bespoke L-shaped desk built into small quarters. An Eames bird oversees productivity from the window.

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The bathroom is a luxurious space, with an edge-to-edge view of the very private terrace garden on the south side. Black gloss cabinets build storage packed vanity area.

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A waterproof TV provides entertainment whilst relaxing in the bathtub.

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A sun-dappled hallway runs off the living room. Sunshine through the skylight creates dynamic shadows and radiance across a wall of glossy closet doors and interior doors that lead to the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room.

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Stylish outdoor lounge chairs couple up on the terrace outside of the master bedroom, whilst a cheerful sky blue outdoor sofa and chair color the terrace directly off the living room. An outdoor coffee table rounds out the comfortable arrangement.

36 |
A concrete overhang prevents direct sunlight from hitting the interior spaces, keeping the home more comfortably cool.

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A pergola overlay creates light play across the small courtyard between the living room and kitchen.

38 |
Small trees bed into the roof terrace. Uplights highlight they are fine branches in the dusk.

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The seemingly impenetrable concrete exterior masks the exquisite detail that awaits inside.

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