Spiral Staircase Designs That Build A Unique Twist

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Spiral Staircase Designs That Build A Unique Twist. Thanks to their curvaceous shape, they are also more suited to a more centralized position without causing an awkward break in a free-flowing layout. With that said, the spiral staircase designs that we’re looking at here are either big in impact or huge in their elegant modern stature.

1 |
A cool cascade. This solid swirling white balustrade breaks into a cascade of concrete at its base And then where heavy treads appear to float absolutely weightlessly.

2 |
Turn up the heat to amp up the colour. Tempered steel shimmers an incredible shade of deep purple with rainbow flares and then which makes this heat-treated balustrade into a startling focal piece within a subdued monochrome setting.

3 |
If you’re hungry for even more colour, then step up your bright spiral staircase design with a graduated rainbow finish around the winders.

4 |
Looking like it has burst from the swirling sky of Edvard Munch’s painting, The Scream and then this artistic freeform staircase is striped with eye-catching cuts of colour.

5 |
Rails of red. Bright red treads hang free of risers in this fabulously unique spiral staircase design, which is suspended above a contrasting green courtyard with its own stepped border and then Colour coordinated furniture rallies a supporting palette nearby.

6 |
Melted gold. This seductive staircase design drips a luxurious melt of gold through a light-filled stairwell and then where sunrays accentuate its magnificently rich lustre.

7 |
Like a pristine play on Picasso’s Girl with a Mandolin, this abstract modern staircase combines curves with the cubism of straight closed risers and boxed landing areas.

8 |
Layers of luxury. An eye-catching feature wall or a bespoke floor to ceiling bookcase makes the ideal tall and then accompaniment to an elegant spiral staircase installation.

9 |
Snail shell chic. The indents underneath this fabulous wheeling staircase installation create the aesthetic of an unravelling snail shell.

10 |
Rising like a tendril of exhaled smoke, the wind of this slinky staircase is showcased within a chimney of alluring atmospheric light.

11 |
Curvaceous complements. Not only is this wooden spiral staircase finished with artfully crafted adjoining curves to its mezzanine, but the living room furniture imitates its grace in curvaceous silhouettes below.

12 |
Clean meets complexity in a fresh white And then minimalist spiral staircase concept.

13 |
Maximise light in a limited space with an open tread, small spiral staircase and then This piece has a pause in the slimline balustrade halfway up to give access to a partially elevated room.

14 |
A twist in the tale. This helical staircase is constructed with one solid side and then one glass side to create an exaggerated twist.

Spiral Staircase Designs That Build A Unique Twist

15 |
The tighter twist. Here, we step away from the loose helical to an uber tight torsion and then A glossy black finish dramatises the piece.

16 |
Matt black and meandering, a stretched helical staircase dominates a wide-open floor plan in an expression of complete professionalism.

17 |
A bronze beauty enchants a double-height living space with dark, lustrous allure. A wall of glass bricks allows light to enter behind the construction to further illuminate the show.

18 |
A colour-blocked caracol staircase can be achieved with contrasting treads that cut through to the back of the wind.

19 |
The monumental modernist stairs in Palácio Itamaraty by Brazilian legend Oscar Niemeyer.

20 |
Created in contemporary French limestone, this is the world’s first freestanding, 320-degree stone staircase and then built by The Stonemasonry Company for a private house in Cheshire.

21 |
Life is full of twists and turns, so why not your staircase? Handrails roam free of balustrades here to fully let loose on those curves.

22 |
Another disconnected design works with two different materials to accentuate twin twisted tracks.

23 |
Boxed edges draw focus to the widest ends of wooden winders here and then which make the staircase appear as a piece of intricately crafted furniture.

24 |
Stepping stones. Step off your staircase onto a pebbled bed–or at least create the illusion of doing so with a bridging tread over a textured floor treatment that’s confined within a suitably rounded border.

25 |
A different kind of rounded stone bed is achieved here, with stone tiles cut on their axis to create textural contrast and then A rounded stone wall encases the stairwell to exaggerate the effect.

26 |
Create a welcoming highlight. Underlit handrails draw a ribbon of warming illumination that highlights a curving staircase from base to brow.

27 |
Perfectly polished. A combo of smooth wood and polished stone builds a sophisticated statement.

28 |
A Danish architect and developer built a house for himself and his family in Denmark, which features a spectacular spiral staircase design that’s made from a staggering 630 pieces of CNC-cut plywood.

29 |
Curves and core courtyards. An open core is just begging to be filled with an eye-catching focal piece, so why not make it a piece of mother nature’s own architecture with a layered courtyard design.

30 |
This remarkable spiral staircase and courtyard combination and then tucks textured greenery all the way around the base to peek through the bottom treads.

31 |
The halfway hangout. When a spiral staircase is this big, you might as well make a pitstop and then Add some shapely benches where creative colleagues can hang out and collaborate within the inspiring surroundings.

32 |
A low hanging chandelier adds an elegant column of illumination down the centre of a spiralled ascent and then Glass sided balustrades allow the glow to pass all the way through, safely highlighting the twisting treads underfoot.

33 |
Make waves with a water feature and then The sound of rippling water will carry all the way up the open stairwell to the second floor to create a serene connection across all levels.

34 |
Tactile twists. Cut deep at the risers and shallow underneath, this columnar design is pieced together with hundreds of layers that you just can’t help but want to touch.

35 |
Another chandelier bejewelled spiral, where luxurious black marble steps cut darkly and LED ribbons to shine bright.

36 |
With an ET sucked up in a tractor beam, we know we’ve gone space age now. Spaceship-like moulded sides encapsulate a futuristic staircase and then that would look at home on Star Trek… Or in a cool white minimalist pad invaded by Smart Home add-ons and cutting-edge furniture design.

37 |
Named the Interstellar stairs, optical illusion and awe-inspiring symmetry orbit a core that suggests a floating celestial body.

38 |
Wooden vertebrae make an enormous snaking backbone and then like the fossilised remains of an ancient serpent.

39 |
Stacked like thatched straw but as strong as a house of bricks, this extraordinary construction is unfathomable both in scale and in strength.

40 |
Contoured fins mould a freeform outer shell around regular treads and risers here, creating a truly amazing design piece where there could have stood mundanity.

Spiral Staircase Designs That Build A Unique Twist

41 |
Spinning out from a central column, steps emerge like wide propellor blades, charged with energy.

42 |
In the community focussed M.I. bookstore in Harbin, China, HMA architects and then designers conceived a colossal staircase design and various spatial experiences that all centre around a love for books.

43 |
Material contradiction. An unfeasibly lightweight wireframe column forms the heart of a solid stone staircase and then fashioning an interesting contradiction in visual weight.

44 |
This exquisitely detailed spiral is Leonardo da Vinci’s double helix staircase, built-in 1520 and then You can find it inside the Château de Chambord in France.

45 |
Stacked to the rafters. This wood-framed spiralling construction features open-sided book stacks that provide colour both inside and outside of the enormous stairwell.

46 |
Jogging up and down these stairs would be a little like jumping out of a jet plane and then Sleek white streamlined metal spinning from view, and not totally safe.

47 |
Is it a cool balustrade of a dinosaur rib cage? Either way and then it would look totally awesome next to a fierce recreation of a velociraptor.

48 |
Petals of the solid wood flower and then into a naturally beautiful spiral design.

49 |
The stuff treehouse dreams are made of. Canopystair is a modular system that attaches around a tree trunk without the use of tools to form an exterior spiral staircase and then The system is lightweight and designed to leave the tree free of any damage or marks.

50 |
Railway sleepers stack up a chunky wood grain finish.

51 |
Amazingly, this unusual piece begins its day as an ordinary (extremely tall) chest of drawers and then With the push of a button, the chest of drawers swivels out to form a spiral staircase– storage and space-saving ingenuity in one.

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