This Is design Small and Large Concrete ideas for you

This Is design Small and Large Concrete ideas for you

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We show here two complete scales of the current specific size with internal attributes. Our first room is a large two- and three-bedroom apartment with beautiful colors to illuminate the landscape. One of the raw houses has a one-story studio design that is more decorative. Both interiors are sturdy, including a sleek and sturdy visual design that extends to all parts and the ceiling. Unprotected electrical wiring is typical of rough homes. Then, the furniture in the classroom starts with smooth tips and soft fruits. Modern machines and factories are gaining their character and vitality.

1 | The black angel lit up many of the windows of the first room of the house. The green landscape creates the beginnings of indoor plants in the invisible shade of the hills.

2 |
A chair and stool that sits in front of a floating unit that looks like it is floating on the ground.

3 |
The sofa is located on the outside of the cabin, which makes the design of the space cozy and comfortable.

4 |
The establishment of nightclubs occupies a dark meeting place, a main area to display other indoor plants and the wonderful lives of their owners.

5 |
Modern clock system inside the main tower.

6 |
The kitchen opens at the bottom of the hall, where the appropriate areas are located above the dividers.

7 |
Existing metal barriers are made of vibrated steel movable bars alongside the stairs that run from the roof to the bottom.

8 |
Yellow papers that hide the real map of a safe room. The open leaves of the cottage are located under miniature shelves, which are attached to the top of a tree that spans the width of the room.

9 |
When he got out of bed from the stage, two puffs were placed on a wooden table to stand in front of the television. There are oriental dishes on the first floor.

10 |
The second double bedroom is painted with blue sections to be the first place. Blue sheets brighten up the bedding set and blue sheets are also great for window seating. The beautifully designed grill serves as a convenient place to place the seat cushion in front of the window.

11 |
Blue and yellow meet in the third room of the house.

12 |
Surprisingly, the current artwork reduces the overall height of the important partition, defining a powerful tool for a modern medium sofa.

13 |
On the beds, lamps with a special lighting theme are installed.

14 |
The small side table between the two additional standard chairs has an empty round glass table.

15 |
The heavy blankets are covered with a small, bare and slightly empty floor light.

16 |
The fourth bedroom is a living room with two double wooden beds and a simple and comfortable theme. Archival print bags revive the new white band. Small flowering plants adorn the bedroom.

17 |
Double-glazed windows emphasize the larger size of the green space in the house.

18 |
The social appearance of the warehouse lights illuminates the warm light of the cool lobby and the modern metal structure.

This Is design Small and Large Concrete ideas for you

19 |
The kitchen is lined with thin wooden slabs lined with cold concrete. Stronger wood sounds louder in front of the kitchen and dining room.

20 |
Light whiteboards become smooth, clean, and shiny.

21 |
The fashion course team fills the shower in the clean room.

22 |
The leaves that divide the shower pass through the vents of the subway, without which the annoying nut is completely removed.

23 |
The false mosaic also supports the dressing table space.

24 |
The bedroom is equipped with a vacuum cleaner mirror to create a closet.

25 | Internal research
After testing something smaller, I entered this avant-garde studio city.

26 |
Install curtains and hide sunlight from large windows.

27 |
The porter protects the boat, which is enclosed in a large working area from the edge to the floor. When the safety button is pressed, the detached lights and the distributed program come on.

This Is design Small and Large Concrete ideas for you

28 |
The beauty point creates a slightly improved natural blend.

29 |
Three columns above the kitchen look out the window.

30 |
From here, we can see the second door on the opposite side of the work area of ​​the room, allowing them to escape in the vicinity of the room and the usual lighting of the windows there.

This Is design Small and Large Concrete ideas for you

31 |
The bucket channels are exposed with all their avant-garde light.

32 |
Silver glass stones irritate the shower.

33 |
The long, opaque brown kitchen cabinets work with the main white pieces to dissipate the energy of the kitchen in a smooth style.

34 |
In an incredibly unique twist, the gold frame occupies some of the open kitchen shelves.

35 |
The wooden areas are further cleaned with robotic vacuum cleaners.

36 |
The aggressive representation of the newly created spiritual reflex adds a blue flavor to the subordinate and defining design of the courtyard / closet.

37 |
The long mirror is placed at random on the divider, which speaks to the bartender. Most costume pieces collect units that line up for the weekend.

38 |
The electrical cables pass in front of the many lights in the apartment. Hanging lamps place the kitchen in a modern style with a tableware.

39 |
The large shower has wooden straps that warm the style, while the beautiful white shoes leave the perfect look.

40 |
The installation of the Victoria Bath provides an amazing connection with the height of its long hill.

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