Mood-Boosting Blue Accent Decor

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Mood-Boosting Blue Accent Decor. Featuring a range of complementary tones, from bright cobalt to pale pastel, blue decor details provide a modern palette that’s full of a positive personality. Looking beyond the colour story, we explore room interiors that are styled with contemporary furnishings and balanced with a classic infusion of chic wall moulding. Grey, white and wood tones make calm companions for blue elements in our first home tour, whilst our second home design is injected with contrasting bolts of yellow that serve to exaggerate the dominant blue theme.

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Located in Moscow, Russia, this 54 square metre home is a modern space that’s coloured with a serene spectrum of blue, pale greys, white and light wood tones. Bright cobalt blue throw pillows add jolts of vibrant colour along with a grey upholstered sofa, whilst pastel blue paintwork envelops a classic panel moulded feature wall with an unusually camouflaged door.

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A modern wall sconce illuminates a reading corner at one end of the L-shaped sofa. Contemporary track lights run in tandem along each side of the ceiling.

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A round coffee table expands the pale grey element onto a plush blue living room rug. A simple glass vase and a couple of coffee table books adorn the top.

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The small open plan living space includes a two-tone kitchen with a comfortable dining peninsula. Beige cabinets create visual weight at the base of the kitchen installation, whilst fresh white cabinets lighten the upper half.

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Modern ceramics and a clear glass carafe cleanly accessorise the white kitchen countertop. Indoor plants spill from a set of open shelves above.

Mood-Boosting Blue Accent Decor

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A trio of black kitchen pendant lights coordinates with four black kitchen bar stools positioned around the dining peninsula. A modern fruit bowl makes a useful centrepiece.

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An open doorway leads to the home entryway, where a mirrored closet creates the illusion of added space and light.

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The mirror-fronted closet also takes away the need for a wall-mounted mirror, which leaves the remaining wall space free for a set of decorative wall hooks. The coat hooks protrude from a fashionable slatted wall treatment that is painted to blend with a buttery-beige accent wall.

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In the relaxing bedroom scheme, a powder blue headboard wall complements a blue upholstered bed. The bedroom rug lays down soft grey contrast.

Mood-Boosting Blue Accent Decor

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A grey pillow set and matching grey throw accessorise the powder blue upholstered bed.

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The bedroom chair adds a warm twist of beige over by the pale blue window drapes.

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At one side of the bed, a floating dressing table is fixed into a floor-to-ceiling frameless vanity mirror. A small beige vanity stool tucks neatly underneath.

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Fluted glass doors separate the bedroom from its walk-in closet.

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The small dressing space is beautifully styled with a textured rug and a punchy blue stool. A custom-cut full-length mirror reflects a couple of slimline pendant light fittings, doubling their effect.

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Modern bathroom vanity lights punch through another custom-cut vanity mirror inside the bathroom.

16 |
Blue veined marble covers the vanity backsplash and floods the floor.

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Blue marble also encases the fitted bathtub to create a seamless finish.

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In this 106 square metre apartment in Odesa, Ukraine, a framed kitchen forms a traditional backdrop behind a modern sofa.

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Deep blue cushions boldly accent the small sectional sofa whilst grey scatter cushions layer in texture.

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Small nesting coffee tables add elegant black accents to the centre of the lounge.

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The dark tables complement a wall hung bookcase on the adjacent wall, which glows with atmospheric light.

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The living room dining room combo is a compact open layout, but with the dining table situated directly behind the back of the sofa, there is ample walkway for the kitchen.

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Dark blue kitchen cabinets make a perfect match with sapphire blue upholstered dining chairs.

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A chic home workspace has been given its private room in the home.

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Panel moulding frames the blue wall behind a contrasting yellow statement sofa. Blue throw pillows match the inky blue paintwork.

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A casual throw takes the yellow accent hue over to a stylish reading area that’s furnished with a wall of sleek glass-fronted bookcases.

27 |
The inviting reading chair is the Imola Chair by Henrik Pedersen for BoConcept.

28 |
An eye-catching rug pulls the furniture layout together.

Mood-Boosting Blue Accent Decor

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A clean white home office desk and chair brightly occupy the window area.

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In the bedroom, decorative panel moulding frames a piece of round wall art and a pair of modern wall lights.

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Beige bedside units wing a colour matched upholstered platform bed.

32 |
A baby blue bedroom chair adds a dash of subtle colour to the grey panel moulded TV wall.

33 |
This time around, the walk-in wardrobe is revealed from behind solid wood sliding doors. A wood closet system builds a wonderfully warm matching interior.

Mood-Boosting Blue Accent Decor

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A round vanity stool awaits by a run of backlit shoe shelves. More LED strips glow along the garment rails and upper storage.

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Decor darkens inside the bathroom, where a black marble wet wall shades the shower area.

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A black vanity unit underlines a backlit round mirror.

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Illuminated shelves lighten up a black storage unit built into the cistern concealment wall.

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White marble walls provide light contrast.

39 |
A royal blue vanity stool colours the neutral home entryway.

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Floor plan.

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