Textural Interior Smoothed By Curves & Classic Arches

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Textural Interior Smoothed By Curves & Classic Arches. Large living spaces exude elegance under a delicate tonal colour palette of warm beiges and soft browns. The textural theme is consistent throughout, with lined feature walls crisply counteracting curves at every beautiful turn of the sumptuous living area and impressive master bedroom.

1 |
A curved sofa embraces the lounge perimeter with a sweep of soft fawn brown. A matching modern lounge chair and ottoman dot circular accompaniments.

2 |
In front of the curved sofa, a round coffee table creates a core for the loose furniture layout. A circular chandelier takes the curved shape theme to the ceiling.

3 |
A contemporary lamp sits low by the armchair to distribute an even glow.

4 |
The large modern chandelier makes the most of the impressive ceiling height in the living room. Surface-mounted spotlights ensure practical, wide-spread illumination.

5 |
A natural, woven area rug softens the wood laminate floor.

6 |
The TV wall includes a bespoke wall mounted bookcase that reveals only glimpses of the home library from behind dark wood slatted doors.

Textural Interior Smoothed By Curves & Classic Arches

7 |
A luxe marble hearth runs the length of the room, with a small modern fireplace flickering neatly at just one end of its sleek stone surface.

8 |
A wall-mounted OLED TV takes pride in place dead centre between the floating bookcases.

9 |
Light brown upholstered dining chairs encircle a cool stone dining table with moments of visual warmth.

10 |
A round dining room chandelier reaches wide across the width of the large dining table.

11 |
The rounded silhouette of the dining room chandelier and the curved back dining chairs complement a row of classic arched windows. Venetian window blinds fall in front of the arched glass, where they cause an interesting criss-cross effect against a surrounding wall of ribbed panelling.

12 |
An attractive botanical centrepiece adds a touch of wild to the refined dining set. Feathery plumes of Pampas grass make a tonal link with the brown upholstered dining chairs.

13 |
Unique flatware issues the tabletop with a fresh white setting.

14 |
The kitchen is a captivating space set beneath a high sloping ceiling with large Velux windows, which rain copious amounts of natural light.

Textural Interior Smoothed By Curves & Classic Arches

15 |
The light from the Velux windows is perfectly positioned to play upon two bright copper kitchen extractors, causing spectacular lustre.

16 |
Tilework is fashioned into an arc beneath the beautiful solid stone kitchen island to honour the home’s architectural arches.

17 |
Dining chairs are set along the edge of the kitchen island to form a breakfast bar.

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18 |
An inset induction hob brings the chef to the diners.

19 |
Ribbed gypsum panels texturise a feature wall opposite the island, around the kitchen’s bay window.

20 |
A small sitting area is arranged in the bay window as a place to take in the view or to enjoy reading under the unique floor lamp.

21 |
A small side table offers a spot to set down tea or coffee.

22 |
Behind the kitchen island, the rest of the kitchen cabinets are revealed from behind a wall of slatted doors, which perfectly match the bookcases in the lounge.

23 |
A copper kitchen tap melds warmly with the brown cabinets and coordinating countertop.

24 |
A grey and white houndstooth bedroom rug are spread out beneath the grey bedstead, and a grey bedroom chair occupies the corner.

25 |
Elegant arched windows gracefully leap alongside the bed. Modern round bedside tables complement their perfect curves.

Textural Interior Smoothed By Curves & Classic Arches

26 |
The deep headboard multitasks as a bookcase and a comfortable bedroom workspace that stays peacefully hidden from view. A curved back chair dips just below the surface of the incognito desk design, staying neatly out of plain sight.

27 |
The bed is angled toward a large balcony and a wonderful wide-open view.

28 |
A wall of fluted glass separates the sleep space from the bedroom entryway and forms a cosy screen around a comfortable seating area.

29 |
Sculptural pendant lights descend on the seating nook, where a planter of Pampas grass is softly uplit to highlight its texture and colour.

Textural Interior Smoothed By Curves & Classic Arches

30 |
​​A change in flooring takes place beneath the two club chairs, to mark the change in function.

31 |
A slimline chrome floor lamp provides a reading light by the bed.

32 |
Light switches and handy charging points are set right into the deep multifunctional headboard design.

33 |
Textural botanical displays soften the corners of the room, whilst gypsum wall panels maintain modern clean lines.

34 |
Ribbed, slatted and fluted materials make linear counteraction with the arched windows and doors in the architecture of the home.

35 |
An arched doorway with a dramatic deep reveal sets an impressive first impression at the home entryway. An arched mirror replicates the aesthetic.

36 |
In the luxurious bathroom, linearity reigns supreme with ribbed unit facias and a sharply square vanity mirror.

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