Desirable Duplex In India With Spacious Modern Interior

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Mood lighting and smooth tonal decor sweep through this desirable 378 square meter duplex apartment located in India, Mumbai. The Mumbai Oasis is a contemporary abode that is characterized by impressive high ceilings and stylish furniture arrangements. The homeowners wished to create an interior that moved away from the usual design concepts produced in India, whilst maintaining focus on comfortably accommodating a large number of family members and friends. Large living areas meld into one open plan, dual height space, to craft beautiful internal views from every direction. Outside, a large, restful terrace overlooks the green landscape through bushy borders and twinkling string lights.

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A large and unusually shaped sectional sofa creates clear zoning between the lounge and the closely neighboring kitchen installation.

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A large area rug defines the remainder of the lounge area, forming a soft grey island on the smooth micro cement floor.

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A round coffee table sits solidly at the centre of the lounge furniture arrangement.

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Opposite the L-shaped sofa, a modern lounge chair makes an ideal reading spot by the window.

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The lounge seating is directed toward a wall-mounted TV, creating a cozy landing spot for evening entertainment.

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An eye-catching linear suspension light draws along the length of the kitchen island behind the couch, illuminating its attractive stone countertop. A ribbon of LED light illuminates a matching backsplash across the prep area behind.

Desirable Duplex In India With Spacious Modern Interior

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Underlit wall shelves fashion a focal wall of atmospheric light in the dining area, whilst a cluster of dining room pendant lights descend upon the table from a great height.

Desirable Duplex In India With Spacious Modern Interior

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The large, round dining table comfortably seats six diners.

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LED perimeter lights create atmospheric edging along the darkly decorated hallway. A frameless full-length mirror reflects the light.

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Moving into the private quarters of the home, we enter a relaxing bedroom scheme. Elegant bedroom pendant lights drop long slivers of light by a modern winged bed design.

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A modern wall sconce is installed into the headboard wall to provide a reading light.

13 |
A luxurious material palette of white marble and wooden elements fashion a luxurious feel in the bedroom decor scheme. Marble panels clad the back of the headboard partition wall to create a beautiful backdrop for a floating vanity table.

14 |
The white marble bedroom decor is complemented by a Cloud White Serif QLED Smart TV.

15 |
Gold accents add a lustrous element to the bedroom, which richly lifts the neutral surroundings.

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More stunning white marble panels clad the entryway wall, where they are highlighted under white strip lights.

17 |
A small pouf provides a place to sit down to put shoes on again.

18 |
In this bedroom, a slatted headboard wall builds deep texture behind an upholstered bed with a low, linear profile.

19 |
A large bedroom pendant light draws attention at one side of the bed, whilst a small table lamp lights the other.

20 |
The designer table lamp perches on a low bedside unit that curves neatly into the wall.

21 |
The next bedroom features a cool grey decor scheme that’s warmed momentarily by two blush pink modern wall sconces.

22 |
A small bedside table draws in the white marble element.

23 |
A set of stylish wall shelves store books above a bespoke bedroom workspace setup. Modern grey wardrobes fill the remainder of the wall, continuing toward the bedroom door.

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A modern desk chair adds a hint of mauve to the home office area.

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The bathroom is lined with blush pink intervals, which add an uplifting warmth to a predominantly white decor scheme. One pink wall panel insert holds a recessed toilet paper and brush holder tidily within the cistern concealment wall.

Desirable Duplex In India With Spacious Modern Interior

26 |
Tinted glass adds a hint of blush to the shower enclosure.

27 |
A shelving nook brings the pink accent color inside of the shower area.

28 |
An arched mirror adds a bright touch above a pink vanity unit with a pink marble countertop. A modern bathroom vanity light provides focussed task lighting.

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The workspace in this bedroom is contained within the crisp framework and a cozy brown colorway.

30 |
A unique white shelving unit forms graphic silhouettes across the statement wall. Wall art marks the entryway into the closet.

Desirable Duplex In India With Spacious Modern Interior

31 |
The walk-in wardrobe is kitted out with custom-fit rails and garment shelves.

32 |
Backlit cubbies create an upmarket boutique look.

33 |
The powder room is small but special, with stone effect walls and a unique pedestal basin.

34 |
Vertical tiling spotlights the basin backsplash and toilet cistern walls.

35 |
White marble upgrades a simple shower room scheme.

36 |
An unusual illuminated bathroom mirror elevates the vanity area. A wall-mounted soap dish and toothbrush holder leave the sleek marble vanity unit clear of clutter.

37 |
Out on the terrace, comfy floor chairs look out at the surrounding green landscape.

38 |
A swing seat sets up a second inviting lounging area under the shady canopy.

39 |
A table area offers a spot for tea.

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