Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents

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Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents. a quiet sense of wellbeing and zen is born from an indoor courtyard space beside the home workspace, and indoor planters in the sunroom. Bedrooms are large and luxurious with interesting textured wall treatments and relaxing mood lighting.

1 |
A large area rug adds a huge expanse of deep texture to the floor of the open-plan lounge space.

2 |
The TV wall is a half-height partition wall that subtly separates the relaxing lounge space from all the activity in the kitchen diner.

3 |
Built-in storage cabinets meld quietly with the white-painted walls of the living room. A backlit bookcase provides a darkly contrasting moment by the couch. A brown scatters cushion brings a matching accent to the sofa, which is dual-colour ivory and sage green sectional composition. A houndstooth pillow and matching throw add a bold bolt of the black and white pattern.

4 |
An ultra-modern white coffee table and a smaller wooden counterpart are nestled together in the center of the light-filled lounge.

5 |
A sliver of grey granite creates a brief visual divider between the open concept living space and the attached home entryway.

6 |
Green marble underlines another custom-built storage unit at the other side of the living space, which plays beautiful contrast against the rich wood grain and clean white cabinet fronts.

Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents

7 |
More storage units are built-in above the modern fireplace and its luxe green marble hearth. A delicate indoor plant sprays a complementary plume of fresh greenery beside an unusual perspex chaise lounge chair.

8 |
The myriad of storage cabinets continues around the room, broken by shelf recesses and decorative cutaways.

Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents

9 |
Behind the TV partition wall, a hallway leads to the private bedrooms and bathrooms, and a contemporary light grey kitchen diner unfolds.

10 |
The dining area is a sprawling space with a large dining island, wet bar, and a coffee maker.

11 |
A long linear suspension light brightly illuminates the two dining spots at either end of the island.

12 |
On the formal dining table, a decorative vase makes an elegant, understated centerpiece.

13 |
The kitchen is arranged directly opposite the dining zone, with matching cool grey cabinets. The kitchen sink is set into a peninsula opposite the dining island, whilst the hob is tucked in the back.

14 |
Tan bar stools coordinate with the rich wood tone partition.

15 |
Integrated kitchen appliances tuck out of sight behind the peninsula.

16 |
Inside the modern home office, a grand ladder back chair commands the room.

17 |
An indoor courtyard instills a sense of serenity in the workspace.

18 |
A set of sliding glass doors lead from the home office into a welcoming sunroom, where windows open wide to the breeze.

19 |
Indoor planters, decking, and a rustic coffee table give the space a wonderful outdoor feel.

20 |
The master bedroom is an airy space with a bespoke window seat installation that draws an L-shape beneath huge dual aspect windows.

21 |
Wood paneling inserts a warming accent within the headboard feature wall.

22 |
A dainty pendant light makes the window seat into a reading nook.

23 |
A small side table offers a handy spot to set down a cup of tea or coffee whilst lost in the pages.

Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents

24 |
In the entryway to the second bedroom, floor vases decorate a small ledge that smoothly trims a wall of textured wall panels.

25 |
A textured bedroom rug establishes the sleeping area, whilst a workspace stands separately by the window.

26 |
The soft grey upholstered bed is contrasted by a dark wood end of the bed bench. A deep blue cushion and an earthy brown throw add muted accents.

Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents

27 |
The desk chair is the Cesca Chair designed by Marcel Breuer in 1928 and named after his daughter, Cheska.

28 |
An abstract arrangement of closets, cabinets, and shelves form an eye-catching volume in the next bedroom. A round rug offsets the linearity of the storage cube and the modern platform bed.

29 |
In the bathroom, a freestanding bathtub basks in the light from the window.

30 |
A rustic wooden stool holds toiletries next to the tub. A glass chamber forms the WC, next to a matching shower area with a ceiling-mounted rainfall showerhead. LEDs form a ribbon connecting mood light across the perimeter.

31 |
A floor-to-ceiling vanity mirror reflects the whole room.

32 |
Another modern bathroom vanity is installed in the home entryway, to cleanse hands upon entering the home.

33 |
A set of backlit shelves are set into the marble partition wall next to the sink. A tall vanity mirror reflects the light.

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