Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

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Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces. Bold artwork and contemporary furniture choices shape a snazzy aesthetic that keeps the eye engaged and the mind open. Our second featured home is a glamorous mid-century NYC penthouse where unique furniture, stunning lighting, colourful gallery walls, and plush blue statement pieces shape sophisticated elegance.

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An attention-grabbing blue and yellow area rug send a jolt of energy through the living room of our first featured home. A Select style Monkey lamp playfully swings amongst the curtain folds.

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Appealing artwork fills the walls of the living room, creating numerous points of interest.

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Bright throws and multicoloured scatter cushions brighten the grey sofa and modern lounge chairs.

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A small side table places a golden accent between the two stylish barrel chairs.

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A spectacular modern chandelier draws the eye away from the lounge area towards the kitchen behind.

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The unique chandelier drips gold over the glossy white countertop and a decorative gold bowl.

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The gold accent theme continues into the formal dining area, where it lustres over stylish modern dining chair frames. A round pedestal dining table places a clean white pause at the centre of the gold and black dining chair arrangement, on top of a plush, Prussian blue area rug.

Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

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The fabulous upholstered dining chairs are the Platner armchair designed by Warren Platner for Knoll.

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A luxurious, Prussian blue tufted sofa colours the second lounge area. A black wingback chair is tied into the colour scheme with a matching blue throw pillow. The beige shagpile rug spreads deep cosy factor beneath a reflective golden coffee table.

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The shagpile rug aesthetic makes for comfortable bedroom decor, laying a soft path around a gold upholstered platform bed and a modern bedroom chair. Gold bedroom pendant lights drop focussed reading light over each bedside.

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White, floating bedside units cut clearly against the lavish gold tufted headboard design. Bright peacock blue bed linens create fresh contrast, and an assortment of artwork colourfully punctuates the white walls.

Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

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The dressing room is alive with colourful displays of hats and accessories. A unique, sculptural vanity stool depicts outstretched palms by the dressing table and a gold vanity mirror. An island of drawers breaks the space under a luxe black marble countertop and gold hardware.

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Gold statues of the Three Wise Monkeys make a thought-provoking adornment to the vanity table, whilst a unique jewellery box, decorative jewellery tray, and golden hand jewellery holders make practical additions to the island of drawers.

14 |
Navy blue stripes, sunflower yellow accent pillows, and a leaf motif area rug give the second bedroom a summery feel.

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The decked terrace is cheerfully furnished with a bright turquoise outdoor sofa and tropical leaf print scatter cushions. Vivid orange throws are on hand for when things begin to cool down after dark.

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This glamorous mid-century New York City Penthouse, created by British designer Lee Broom, communicates sophistication and elegance.

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A set of Lee Broom’s Tribeca Tables fashion a sculptural moment at the heart of the crisp lounge arrangement. The tables were inspired by a brutalist 1970’s skyscraper that can be seen from windows. A round chandelier complements its modern shape.

18 |
Art and design are dominant here, right from the entryway.

19 |
An elegant Hanging Hoop chair by Lee Broom makes a beautiful reading nook by the window.

20 |
The Crescent table lamp designed by Lee Broom takes the fine, gold-finished aesthetic to the opposite side of the lounge.

21 |
A stone art plinth matches a modern fireplace design.

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The blue accent theme is introduced in the chic dining room/cocktail room, through Musico dining chairs and a blue-backed bar area.

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A sculptural grey gloss bar volume makes solid contrast against the water-like blue silk wall covering. The bar is an original 1980s piece designed by Steve Chase.

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A small sofa and a decorative round mirror form a cosy nook by the dining suite. This white version of the Split Mirror is a limited-edition piece that was created for the ‘Time Machine’ exhibition.

25 |
Inside the kitchen, a warm wood tone dominates.

Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

26 |
A modern staircase design climbs with wooden treads and metal risers. Glass balustrades display the slick engineering, and a blue accent wall that ascends to the second floor.

27 |
In the study, a royal blue runner leads the way to a modern home office desk.

28 |
A colourful gallery wall and a bookcase with a sculptural display bring character to the eclectic home office space.

Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

29 |
A vinyl record player cabinet stands against the opposite wall to provide music whilst the homeowner works. A jacket painted by pop artist Keith Haring hangs on the wall, which had his gallery and studio on this very street in the ’80s.

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The master bedroom is splendidly furnished with a 1960s postmodernist brass and stainless steel bed design.

31 |
Plinths display sculptural art around the room.

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A nailhead trimmed black settee adds more glamour. Abstract wall art splashes colour against dark grey walls.

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Grey marble encases the lower third of the bathroom, creating sleek floors, luxe modern bathtub facing and a double vanity countertop. Natural wood tone warms the remainder of the small space, creating cosy sauna-like surroundings.

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A white L-shaped sofa, coffee table, and modern outdoor chairs make up a beautiful terrace lounge area; a perfect setup for enjoying summer drinks with friends.

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The outdoor dining table awaits an alfresco feast next to an outdoor kitchen.

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