Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids’ Rooms

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Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids’ Rooms. An en vogue, graceful archway motif unites the aesthetics of the Japandi apartment interiors, along with a warm natural wood tone and crisp white colour palette. This group of inspirational homes are designed as contemporary family units with functional open plan living spaces.

1 |
A colour coordinated version of a Leon: The Professional print balances out a recessed shelving niche.

2 |
On-trend arches and racetrack-shaped motifs round out the crisp contemporary interior. A unique modern chandelier drops frosted orbs above the lounge.

3 |
An attractive wood-lined archway leads through to the two bedrooms.

4 |
Racetrack shaped screens are combined with a sideboard to build a unique and useful storage filled room divider between the dining area and the door that leads into the bathroom.

5 |
A rectangle dining table is placed up against the back of the elegant room divider. A grey ceramic vase of foliage creates a relaxed table centrepiece.

6 |
A wine storage cabinet and black retro style fridge-freezer bring refreshments and ice right up to the dining spot.

7 |
The small kitchen runs off the other side of the fridge-freezer location.

8 |
Inside the compact master bedroom, an upholstered bed and woven rug lay down grey accents.A round vanity mirror bridges the two-tone effect.

9 |
Built-in white wardrobes achieve a clean, minimalist finish at the foot of the bed.

10 |
Green accents colour the cute kids’ room. A bespoke green headboard design encompasses the arched decor motif, where an Aballs pendant designed by Jaime Hayon for Parachilna illuminates the bedside unit.

Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids’ Rooms

11 |
Made-to-measure kid’s closets combine white & wood finishes and tactile ribbed texture.

12 |
A Scandi desk stands by the bespoke kids’ bed design, which encompasses a wall of toy storage and bookshelves upon its elongated base. A mountain motif cuts a creative green accent across the cupboard doors.

13 |
Our second featured interior design is a modern cottage apartment. An arc floor lamp complements chic arched wall moulding behind the low, modern Japanese style sofa.

Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids’ Rooms

14 |
A Buddhist altar shelf floats above the split two-colour wall treatment. A beautiful ceiling fan takes the rich wooden accent to the ceiling. See more unique ceiling fans here.

15 |
A prominent black marble coffee table emphasises the delicate nature of the white and beige woven area rug. A second coffee table nests a complimentary wooden counterpart.

16 |
An assortment of scatter pillows create a mixed tonal arrangement across the white upholstered couch.

17 |
A low, Asian style accent chair completes the compact lounge layout.

18 |
Between the lounge and dining areas, a wood-framed archway leads openly into the connected kitchen.

19 |
Dining room storage units are combined with an affixed dining room table to create a space-saving layout. The two matching dining room pendant lights are the Formakami JH4 Pendant by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition.

20 |
A light-permeable screen room divider sections off the home entry door to create a functional family entryway. The combination of natural wood and rattan finishes fashioning a warm and welcoming look.

21 |
The kitchen is a generously proportioned space that allows the whole family to gather in meal prep activities and at the dining peninsula. See more inspiration for white and wood kitchens.

22 |
An oak floating tv stand complements the bed base and a matching makeup table by the window.

23 |
The platform bed’s custom-made headboard extends seamlessly across the back of the makeup table to create cohesivity.

24 |
A mini bedroom pendant light illuminates a turned wood bedside table

25 |
A clear glass vase brings an enlivening flash of natural greenery to the bedroom TV wall.

26 |
Cute kids’ wall decor pours positive energy above a built-in bed design and a wall-mounted kid’s desk.

27 |
A stripe of wood continues the desktop finish across the white closets.

28 |
Arch shaped cubbies make adorable perches for special soft toys, treasured items and extra books. See more inspiration for how to incorporate elegant arches in interiors.

29 |
The home office houses double workspaces, which are blessed with natural light from tall twin windows.

30 |
Built-in units stow away office supplies and large household items, whilst unique bookshelves display decorative pieces.

31 |
The striking black swing arm wall lamp above it is the 1-Arm Rotating Sconce designed by Serge Mouille.

32 |
3D wall art creates subtle arches above the couch. A set of round nesting coffee tables complement the curves, whilst a geometric print rug brings sharp contrast.

33 |
Over by the TV stand, a round ottoman provides additional, moveable lounge seating, or an occasional footstool. Black and white plaid throws create cosy accents.

Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids’ Rooms

34 |
Asian inspired dining chairs bring curved wooden frames to the set.

35 |
Above the smart dining set, a paper globe pendant light casually spans the Asian and Scandi aesthetics.

36 |
A wall-mounted magazine rack keeps the floor space clear.

37 |
A black, white and wood kitchen design melds tranquilly with the serene living room decor.

Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids’ Rooms

38 |
Black and white floor tiles define the kitchen area from the rest of the living space.

39 |
White vertical tiles fashion a clean backsplash across the minimalist kitchen.

40 |
A racetrack-shaped niche nestles between two architectural arches.

41 |
One of the arches visually separates the living space from the small home entryway, where custom closets make use of every inch of vertical and horizontal wall space.

42 |
More units, a shoe storage shelf and an entryway bench fill the other side of the foyer area. Decorative vases add an artistic touch.

43 |
Inside the double bedroom, a geometric bed set and perfectly matching rug create a fresh modern statement.

44 |
A black wall sconce swings between providing reading light over the bed and task lighting to the desk. Above the workspace, a set of floating shelves hold books and decorative items.

45 |
More books tuck beneath a built-in window seat.

46 |
A throw pillow draws geometric print onto a stylish bedroom chair. An archway separates off the bedroom dressing area and creates an attractive bedroom entryway.

47 |
A dressing table is set into the white wardrobes, with contrasting wooden backing. A unique mirror arches inside of the custom piece.

48 |
Pistachio green accents energise the pastel kids’ room. Cute bear wall art adds a friendly companion above a unique tonal green and wood plank headboard design. A green accent corner encompasses a tower of wall shelves.

49 |
Another green accented bookcase is set into the end of the kid’s wardrobe, which is connected onto the end of a bespoke platform bed with storage drawers.

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